© Copyright 2013 Eaglewings Iron Craft | Designed by OnView360, LLC 1522 East Victory Street - Suite #1 - Phoenix, AZ 85040 | Phone : 602-276-3571  | Fax :(602) 276-8194  | E-mail : awningworksinfo@aol.com Maintaining Your Awning Phoenix : (602) 276-3571 East Valley (480) 969-4596 Fax : (602) 276-8194 E-mail : awningworksinfo@aol.com Awnings are a practical and cost-effective way to beautify your home, while increasing energy efficiency.  From simple window awnings to retractable models used outdoors, your awning will last longer and look better if you follow these simple guidelines. Regular Cleaning Any stain (i.e. bird droppings, mud, dirt, etc.) will be easier to remove if attended to quickly.  Brush dirt and debris off of your awnings on a regular basis using a stiff broom or brush. Use only water, mild soap and a brush, along with cold or lukewarm water to clean your awnings.  In between deep cleanings, it’s a good idea to periodically rinse awnings with clear water. Regular maintenance inspections can help you to identify and correct problems with your awnings before they become irreparable.  You may consider doing this on a monthly basis or more frequently if weather has been severe.  Repair rips and tears as soon as they occur. The wind and rain can quickly cause the tear to grow. With regular care and maintenance, your awnings will serve you for many years, and it's easy to make awning care a regular part of your yearly home care schedule. Develop a maintenance schedule that you can handle, then sit back and enjoy your awnings.