© Copyright 2013 Eaglewings Iron Craft | Designed by OnView360, LLC 1522 East Victory Street - Suite #1 - Phoenix, AZ 85040 | Phone : 602-276-3571  | Fax :(602) 276-8194  | E-mail : awningworksinfo@aol.com Phoenix : (602) 276-3571 East Valley (480) 969-4596 Fax : (602) 276-8194 E-mail : awningworksinfo@aol.com Leroy Howard has been working in the awning fabrication and installation business since 1985.  Initially working as an installer/salesman for Canopy Craft, he moved on to open Awning Works in 1995, and expanded his expertise to include operations manager and owner, supervising a shop of over 15 employees.  The company soon became one of the most well-known names in awning fabrication in the greater Phoenix Metro area, and the company enjoyed enthusiastic word-of-mouth recommendations from one customer to another. Dan Hoag opened Eaglewings Iron Craft in 1983, and fabricated primarily ornamental iron and weight equipment products.  Dan began working with Canopy Craft in 1990, doing fabrication, installation, and estimates.  When Awning Works opened its doors in 1995, Dan continued to collaborate with Leroy on awning projects, providing the metal frames needed for specialty awnings and other custom steel fabrication needs.  Awning Works thrived and grew, and both Awning Works and Eaglewings Iron Craft benefitted from this informal partnership. In 2009, Eaglewings Iron Craft and Awning Works proudly formalized this partnership, and both companies now operate under the auspices of Eaglewings Iron Craft, LLC.  Customers will now benefit from over 50 years of combined experience, from two of the most knowledgeable and skilled professionals in the field of awning fabrication.    About Us